Wtórpol company is one of the largest companies processing second-hand clothes in Europe and in the world. In 2014, the modernisation of the sorting line was started. Thanks to the technical innovations introduced, 220 thousand kilos of materials is processed during one shift. The monthly productivity is estimated at about 14 million kilos of clothing.

Due to the implemented solutions the working conditions of the employees sorting clothes have improved considerably. Simultaneously, the technological process allows incomparably better control of the sorted clothes than traditional control systems. Thanks to these achievements the quality of the goods provided by Wtórpol company is at a very high and stable level.

Every year, 50 million kilos of clothing is processed by Wtórpol. The processed clothing is obtained through 54 thousand containers of used clothes located in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The collected clothing is sorted into about 120 assortments and either sold in the company ‘second-hand’ chain shops in the country or exported to many countries of Africa and Asia.

Wtórpol, as one of few used clothing companies, is in possession of the most modern machines preparing export assortments. The top quality machines enabled facilitating the work of the crew involved in the production process.