Socially responsible – we share the profits

Since its beginning, Wtórpol supports multiple sports and cultural initiatives being one of the most important backers in the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. What is today commonly referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility is executed by us for almost a quarter of a century now! We share the profits from our business with the society by sponsoring many events and undertakings, but also organizations and institutions such as the Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue, the “Daj Szansę” Foundation, the “Zdążyć z Pomocą” Foundation, flophouses, centers dealing with helping people with disabilities, and even animal shelters.

We put special attention to taking care of the oldest and largest charity organization in Poland - the Polish Red Cross. Appreciating the idea of the Red Cross and the scale of support it provides for those in need, for many years now we help both financially and materially for example engaging in actions of holiday food collecting, preparing school starter kits for children from poor families, or the "Młoda Krew Ratuje Życie" actions promoting blood donations.

Wtórpol Half Marathon Rejów

pól maraton For many years now Wtórpol is the titular sponsor of the Wtórpol Half Marathon Rejów, one of the most popular running events in Poland, which each year attracts more than 500 athletes – amateurs and runners from various countries.
Our tradition is inviting special guests to the event – remarkable Polish athletes, including Olympians. For the fans and participants it is a chance to meet sports stars in person. Outstanding organization, great atmosphere, and valuable prizes, these are the values which turned the Wtórpol Half Marathon Rejów into a valued brand. Bohdan Tomaszewski – a legend of Polish sports journalism – has even devoted his columns to this event.

Wtórpol Triathlon

triathlon-kopia The Half Marathon has developed into a following mass event - Wtórpol Triathlon. In 2016 the first edition took place, with nearly 300 athletes from 3 countries. In July 2017 athletes once again competed in the event sponsored by our company which took place in Skarżysko-Kamienna. This time there were 360 participants from all over Poland.

Muzyką do Nieba

3For 10 years now Wtórpol is the main sponsor of the “Muzyką do Nieba” National Integrative Christian Music Festival with its patron being the bishop of the Radom diocese. The widely popular event consists of three parts: performances of artists with disabilities who receive financial awards, a Christian song contest, and an evening concert of a star – the festival featured performances by such stars as Skaldowie, Zbigniew Wodecki, Natalia Niemen, or Mieczysław Szcześniak. The festival is always accompanied by a fair which includes attractions for the youngest and presentations of special centers.


These are of course only some of the events Wtórpol helps to organize. For its social and charity activity, the “Od Was dla Was” Eco Textil Foundation operating by Wtórpol, has received the prestigious “Pozytywista roku” award granted by the Wokulski Foundation, and the company’s owner was distinguished during a gala which took place at the SGGW University in Warsaw.

Members of the Wojteczek family have been distinguished three times already for supporting the “Daj Szansę” Foundation which deals in helping specially gifted youth from poor families; twice with the “Złote Serce” and once with the “Siewca Dobra” statue, awarded by the Foundation only twice since its beginning. Leszek Wojteczek, the company’s president, has also been awarded with the medal of the Polish Red Cross