Acquisition of clothing

Wtórpol owns more than 54 thousand containers of used clothes located in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In the upcoming years, our company intends to extend the area of its activity over Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus.

The containers are leased by local partner companies responsible for locating, maintainance and regular emptying them twice a month or on request.

The presence of easily accessible containers, where people can dispose of clothes free of charge, is of great importance to the environment. More than 50 million kilograms of clothing and footwear is collected every year, which reduces the amount of litter stored in landfills. Best quality clothes are reused while worn out cotton items are converted into machine cleaning cloths. The company’s success is full recycling of the collected materials.

Not only does Wtórpol company protect the environment, but it also has been carrying on extensive charity work for many years. It cooperates with many organizations, providing them with financial and material aid. Part of the best clothing collected through charities is distributed between people in need, hostels, night shelters, homes for single mothers, etc. For two years, Wtórpol’s ‘Eco Textil from You to You’ Foundation has been working and succesfully helping disabled children. The Fundation also deals with patronage of sport and culture.