About Us

Wtórpol company was founded in 1992 and deals with second-hand clothing processing and recycling. In this industry branch we are one of the largest companies in Europe and in the world. The raw material is obtained by means of 54 thousand containers located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Unwanted clothing is disposed of by inhabitans free of charge and collected by Wtórpol for later reuse in various forms. By providing employment Wtórpol supports about two thousand families.

Collected clothing is sorted into about 120 assortments. Best quality clothing either goes to the company ‘second-hand’ chain shops in the country or is exported to countries in Africa, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. The remaining part of clothing is converted into machine cleaning cloths. As one of few companies Wtórpol manages 100 percent of the raw material. Thanks to this process, each year 50 thousand tons of worn textiles is not disposed of at landfills. Constant development, modern production lines and experienced staff are the basis of Wtórpol financial stability.

For many years our company has been carrying on extensive charity work, supporting the disabled, special care institutions and numerous social organizations. Up to one million zlotys is allocated for this purpose annually. In order to support disabled children, since 2013 a part of the company’s profit has been forwarded to Wtórpol’s ‘Eco Textil from You to You’ Foundation.

The mission of our company could be comprised in the following slogans: